and            and
           and            for
           and            so
           and            very
       because            so
everybody says           
 everyone says           
      how much           
                          a lot
                          all the
                          and i
                          and miss
                          and you
                          as a
                          because you
                          for it
                          from the
                          i love
                          just like
                          like a
                          more than
                          so much
                          to death
                          too much
                          very much
                          with all
         i say           
       i think           
     know that           
       much as           
     of course           
 remember that           
      tell you           
          that            and
       the way           
  this because           
        to say           
       you and           
   you because           
      you know           
      you that           

[out of the million most common five-word sequences in the 520-million-word Corpus of Contemporary American English, these are all that contain the phrase "i love you".]