[a reclaimed psych evaluation]

natalie braginsky is a 15-year-old, right-handed, male student who recently completed the 10th grade at newton south high school in newton, massachusetts.

according to natalie's parents, they are seeking this evaluation to determine if his academic and social struggles are related to executive functioning deficits, a mild cognitive impairment, and/or an underlying mood or anxiety disorder.

natalie seems to have a poor conceptualization of time, according to his parents, and a half hour can go by without him realizing it.

natalie also has difficulties with transitions, such as getting ready for school, and thus his parents often have to cue him before transitions occur.

regarding natalie's socialization, his parents stated that recently he has been more solitary.

natalie's parents talked about his difficulties with social skills, and said that when he was younger he would often read a book instead of playing with the other children.

regarding depression, natalie's parents discussed that recently he has begun to overreact to small things or minor letdowns.

they stated that natalie's overall mood appears to be depressed, and that his lack of interest in friends, his academic performance, and his future plans concerns them.

they stated that at times he can "revert back to his old self and appear happy."

according to his parents, natalie has difficulties with making friends, preferring to play alone, being uncomfortable with new people, and with overreacting to problems.

natalie also complains about not being able to hear well, but his hearing has been evaluated by his physician, who did not find any significant problems with this sensory function.

natalie's parents also discussed that natalie can hear them having quiet conversations in their room, which to them is evidence that his hearing is intact.

natalie was alert and engaged during the evaluation. he initiated and maintained appropriate eye contact, and he responded appropriately to humor.

his affect was variable; however, much of the time he presented with depressed mood and a flat affect.

he often appeared to become discouraged when he felt that he was performing poorly on a given task.

however, he engaged in appropriate social interaction, and was able to ask and answer questions when engaged in conversations with the examiner.

his speech was fluent, prosodic, and grammatical. his dress and grooming were age appropriate.

the only symptom he endorsed at the highest level [...] was his wish that he were dead. when asked about this,

diagnostically, natalie meets criteria for depressive disorder, not otherwise specified.

limiting factors:

lack of self-esteem and feelings of worthlessness

lack of effective and socially appropriate coping skills to deal with overwhelming feelings

negative attitude toward school

hopeless about the future

loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed and withdrawal from social interactions

lack of sleep

thank you for the opportunity to assist in the care of this child. please do not hesitate to contact me with questions about this report.